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Together We Can

Together We Can is the mantra and foundation for the Selah School District’s philosophy of family and community engagement.  Our vision is for our schools to be the hub of learning in the community where we work to meet the needs of every unique family dynamic.  

We will do this by...

  • Communicating early, often and in multiple ways to our families and community.
  • Seeking to understand the needs of our families and community by listening to what they have to say.
  • Respecting each families unique needs and creating a safe place for parents to engage at a level they feel comfortable.
  • Providing resources to families that help strengthen the learning environments at home for all members of the household; whole child/whole family.
  • Maintaining a culture of caring service so all families feel welcome, supported, and respected.
  • Valuing parents and community members as stakeholders in planning, development, and evaluation of programs and systems.

Our three areas of focus are...

  • Listening District staff engaging with parents and the community to listen to what people have to say.
  • Learning Hosting events to bring people into the schools to learn together.
  • Linking -  Providing families the support and services they need to thrive, such as medical and mental health, community resources, and other various needs.

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Sasha Washut
Family Services Coordinator

Sasha Washut