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School Safety

Safety Guidelines

Crisis management is a shared responsibility. The SelahSchool District has developed and maintains crisis teams that work together for planning and response.

The Crisis Planning Team works at the school level to identify safety and security needs, create plans to address safety needs, and communicate these plans to staff, students, and parents. The Crisis Planning Team meets once per month and includes teaching staff.

The Crisis Response Team responds during times of crisis by executing safety plans and procedures. The team meets at least twice a year (fall and spring, and other times as needed). The Crisis Response Team is composed of members (not teachers) who respond at a moment’s notice to situations that arise on campus.

The Threat Assessment Level 1 Team meets to evaluate possible threats posed by students and develop plans to address these threats. The team convenes as necessary. Team membership varies slightly depending on the situation but includes those trained in the threat assessment protocol. This includes administration, school counselors, and security. Law enforcement may be invited to participate as well.

Crisis Planning Chart

Safety Videos

Threat Assessment in the Selah School District

Visitor Management

All visitors to the school must sign in at the front office and receive a visitor badge. First time visitors (non-district employees) will be required to show their driver's license/state i.d. for scanning into our Safe Visitor Management System. This will produce a badge  The badge will include the following information:

  • Name of the visitor, date, time, and who they are visiting.
  • When leaving, visitors must sign out and return the badge/sticker

Returning visitors will be required to show their driver's license, but won't have to have it re-scanned to obtain their badge.  District employees will need to show their district identification.  All visitors and employees who leave the office area will also sign in and sign out to assist with crisis management should the need arise.

Keep SSD Schools/Buses Safe

The goal of the Selah School District Safety Team is to promote safe learning and transportation environments for all staff, students, parents/guardians, volunteers, and visitors.  Our crisis plans are designed to address a variety of emergencies, including those of a low-level, moderate, and/or catastrophic nature.  These plans cover all phases of crisis management, including prevention, response, and recovery.  It has been developed in partnership with the ESD 105 SSOCC (School Safety Operations and Coordination Center), utilizing current Revised Code of Washington (RCW) guidelines and best practices.